What the … Facon?

Move over bacon; there’s a new smokey breakfast staple that’s about to take over. Vegetarian bacon (also known as facon, vacon or veggie bacon) is the vegan substitute of the greasy indulgence. High in protein and fibre, low in fat, and with no cholesterol, it’s an answer to everyone’s prayers; meat lovers can enjoy the bacon taste without the adverse health effects, and vegans don’t miss out!

So if it doesn’t come from a pig, what is it? “Facon” is made by marinating strips of tempeh or tofu in tamari or soy sauce and liquid smoke. It is then baked or fried to crisp perfection.

Perth’s most popular cafes are starting to feature the food trend with great success. However, it’s not strictly health food cafes getting creative with the alternative, Perth’s number one cafe Le Vietnam has created a smashed avocado facon Banh Mi.

Le Vietnam Owner DJ Lee traditionally stuffs fresh baguettes with homemade French patê, eggy butter mayo, different cuts of pork and plenty of pickled veggies. He has adapted the traditional delicacy to appeal to any diet with a vegan menu consisting of vegan lightly fried lemon chicken, vegan chargrilled pork meatballs and butter masala tofu! The smashed avocado and facon is easily their bestseller and not just ordered by vegans. With such a vast range of meat-free options popping up in the Perth food scene, who know’s what is next, are vegan eggs on the cards?

Want to try the vegan and vegetarian substitutes and decide if they taste just as good as the real deal?

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Le Vietnam 
Address: 80 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000