We Found Magic Butterfly Lemonade

Health, science and deliciousness all combined in the fresh concoction craze hitting Perth.

Magic Butterfly Lemonade is a sweet bubbly drink that changes colour while you sip it (every Instagrammers dream.) Created with fresh lemon, ginger, mint and butterfly-pea tea, it’s just as pretty as it sounds.

For centuries the drink has remained a South East Asian secret, but Konichiwa Ramen N Kare in Victoria Perth has just started serving it to the people of Perth.

The caffeine-free herbal tea is produced from an infusion of leaves from the Asian pigeonwing plant. Native to the tropical climate of Thailand and Malaysia, the flower was recently introduced to Africa, America and Australia. It’s distinctive bright blue colour, and long, flat pods filled with 6-10 seeds of edible fruit mean you won’t be able to miss it in the wild.

So how does the lemonade change colour? The tea magically turns a different hue based on the pH level of the ingredient added to it, transforming from blue to purple when you add lemon. With all natural ingredients and no added sugar, it’s Mother Earth’s beauty tonic, full of antioxidants, preventing premature again and internal inflammation.

Want to get your hands on Magic Butterfly Lemonade?

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Konichiwa Ramen N Kare
Address: 1/337 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, Perth, WA 6100

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