Top Halloween hacks to help you celebrate the festivities


Halloween is just around the corner! A popular occasion all over the world, Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up scary, decorate your house or give your mates the fright of their life. Full of pranks, candy, and crazy costumes, Halloween allows you to express your creativity quite unlike any other celebration.

Here are some Halloween hacks;

Make your own costumes to save money
The popularity of Halloween means everyone is looking for the next extravagant costume to ensure they stand out. Many of these costumes can cost a fortune, from detailed masks to full body suits. However, it’s easy enough to create your own custom costume using only a few household items. Everything from your white bed sheet to your old worn-out clothes can be utilised to make a costume, so there’s no need to spend the big bucks.

Buy your pumpkins early
It’s a good idea to buy your pumpkins before the shops get busy. If you’re making the trip to a farm to get your pumpkin (we recommend this option as it’s much more fun) then this is even more important.  Getting in early will save you the last-minute rush and the great thing about pumpkins is they can be stored for a long time.

A less is more approach can be just as good
Done right, then a minimal amount of decorations can be just as good, if not better, than going all out. A well-placed jack lantern or a few fake cobwebs can transform the front of your house and create a simple spooky setting to host the trick or treaters. Getting the balance right between a purposely minimal approach and plain laziness is the key to successfully preparing your home for the Halloween festivities.

Stock up on candy
It simply wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy. Preparing for an influx of keen, young trick or treaters starts with making sure your candy bowls are stocked up. Depending on the popularity of Halloween in your area, you may need a decent supply to keep the kids happy. There’s nothing worse than seeing the excited faces on your doorstep drop when you tell them you’ve run out of candy.

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