Three Must-Try Laser Mazes

Do you find yourself sitting at home watching the latest James Bond movie and thinking, “hey, I could totally do that?”

Well good news, now you can! Create your own action-packed spy experience at Confined Laser Maze.

Duck, squeeze and shimmy through three activities in the state of the art laser rooms that will test even the agilest of players.

For the Speedy

The Speed Run maze is for those who enjoy pumping the treadmill up to the highest speed at the gym at the risk of falling off. See how fast you can bend and manoeuvre your body through the maze without touching a single laser.

For the Groupies

The Chain Gang Speed Run is for the friends that do everything together (yes, we are looking at you ladies who go to the bathrooms in groups.) Get handcuffed to your closest mates and guide yourselves through the challenging obstacles, more limbs means more challenge.

If You Like Bling

Your challenge, if you accept it, is to disable the security lasers and steal the diamond. Backflips, summersaults and handstands are optional but will make you look, boss while doing it.

Not a laser fan? No worries, Confined Escape Room have activities for all ages. Take the kids for a ride to outer space with Captain Zolash Naohic and follow the instructions to land the spaceship safely home.

Alternatively, take the older kids to the virtual reality system including the worlds leading omnidirectional treadmill that breaks the barrier between the real and the virtual.

Don’t worry adults, you won’t miss out! The Basement room will have you sleuthing like Sherlock as you try and uncover the killer behind multiple deaths in a quiet farming town. Can you find him before you become the next target?

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