The Sweet Solution To Your Winter Plans

Nothing brings back childhood memories like shaved snow ice, popcorn chicken and tofu pudding. Okay, maybe we lied about the tofu pudding part, but we can guarantee that Icey Ice iDessert & Taiwanese Café in Northbridge will be a pure delight for your sugar cravings. Who needs a snow holiday when you can have your very own magic White Mountain made of condensed milk and ice?   The soft as snow desserts are topped with anything from Oreo’s, salted caramel, chocolate sauce and peanuts or fresh fruit salad (but let’s be honest who can say no to chocolate sauce.)

Shaved ice desserts were traditionally trimmed by hand and enjoyed in China as early as the seventh century. Today, there is a flavour for every preference including mango king, strawberry, watermelon and matcha mochi. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous why not try a traditional Taiwanese tofu pudding enjoyed hot or cold. The tofu comes in a soft form, almost like ice cream and swims in an addictive sugary syrup packed with mung beans, red beans, tapioca balls and sago (basically all different pods of sweet deliciousness.)

Need something savoury to balance out all the sweetness? Why not try a popcorn chicken bento box.   The chicken is crispy, tender and flavoursome, the Taiwanese version of KFC. Including chicken rice, egg for more protein and kimchi and greens just to make you feel a bit better. It’s the ultimate lunch with a seriously reasonable price tag.

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Icey Ice iDessert & Taiwanese Cafe  
 2/297 William St, Northbridge WA 6003