General Information

Where can i download Loyalty app from?

Loyalty app can be downloaded for free from the iOS store if you have an iPhone or iPad, or Android devices can download Loyalty app from Google Play. Please note Loyalty app is not yet available on the Windows platform yet.

How do i get a Loyalty app account?

Simply download Loyalty app and sign up as a customer. You will receive a activation email to confirm your account, once your account is activated you can then get full access to Loyalty app and start using it!

How does Loyalty app work?

Customers are rewarded for transacting at participating Loyalty app businesses. Customers earn their points on e-gift cards within the app, and these can be used to make further purchases at any participating Loyalty app business. Loyalty app is also unique in that the customers also earn points on redemption transactions too! Additionally, customers can also refer a favourite business to a friend, and on the first transaction by that friend the customer will automatically earn a referral bonus. Participating businesses benefit from repeat customer spend and also gain new customers that are a part of the Loyalty app program.

Loyalty Applications usually have a plastic card does Loyalty app come with one?

No, Loyalty app is completely cloud based software so all you will ever need to carry with you is your smartphone.

Can I recommend a shop to be a Loyalty app merchant?

No at present you can’t directly recommend a shop however this feature will be available in subsequent releases.

I can’t Invite a friend to an existing Loyalty app merchant

In order to be able to invite a friend to an existing merchant on Loyalty app you must have made a purchase from that business before you will be able to invite your friends to transact there.

What do I do if I lose or change my phone/device?

Loyalty app works with your registered email, password and secure pin so you can install it on other devices provided you remember your credentials. If you need help resetting any of these please follow the prompts in the login screen or contact customer support at for further assistance.

Can I use Loyalty app without a smart phone?

No Loyalty app must be used with either iOS or Android.

I Never received my account activation email?

Sometimes our emails get treated like junk emails and may end up in your spam folder, so check there first and if you still don’t have it, then contact customer support at and request them to re-send the activation email for you.

Privacy Information

How does Loyalty app use my information?

Refer to the Loyalty app privacy policy and terms of use for a detailed overview of how Loyalty app uses and stores both your information and contact details

I can’t update my personal details

All Loyalty app accounts must have a valid email address and verified mobile number associated with the account in order to use the application If you’re trying to change your details on an existing account but receiving an error or if you are unable to sign up for a new account because your number is already registered, please contact customer support at for further action.

Is there a minimum age for using Loyalty app?

No there is no minimum age to use Loyalty app, however please note that a credit card is required to sign up and use the application.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card Loyalty app will accept a debit card that is linked to your account.

Loyalty app permissions

After you download and open the Loyalty app, your mobile device will notify you when the app requests various permissions

How secure are my points?

Loyalty app uses 256 Bit SSL Encryption for all functions and enterprise level servers for all transaction and data stores. All data is encrypted in the database and not stored as plain text.

Points and Rewards

What happens if my points are not displaying correctly?

If your Loyalty app account does not display the correct point balance, please try logging out of the app and then log in again. Please also check through your transaction history to see all credits and debits to confirm that they are displayed there. If the problem persists then please contact customer support at

Can I gift points to a friend?

Yes Loyalty app helps you to gift points to friends without any fees or transaction costs. To do this you must both be Facebook friends, you must both download Loyalty app, and you must both sign into Loyalty app using your Facebook credentials.

How do I earn points?

Loyalty app allows you to earn points when you transact at participating businesses. When you transact at any retailer simply scan the QR code generated by the merchant and this will add the points to your account.

How do I spend my points?

Just as you earn your points at participating merchants (see offers and locations to search for all merchants using Loyalty app) you can also spend your points to buy goods and services with your points account. To spend your points when shopping tell the merchant operator that you want to pay with Loyalty app points then scan the QR code generated and your Loyalty app account will be debited by the transaction $ value converted into points.

Will my points expire if I don’t use them all?

No with Loyalty app your points are as good as cash* so your points are valid ongoing.

Can I cash my points out of Loyalty app into my bank account?

No, once earned or purchased your Loyalty app points will remain in your account as e-gift cards in the form of points and can only be used in store or to pay bills with participating merchants.

After scanning the QR code how long will it take for me to see my points on the app?

Points will be added instantly and should appear in your account within minutes.

What do I do if forget to scan for points can they be post-dated?

Unfortunately partners cannot issue retrospective points claims at this time.

e-Gift cards & Bill payments

Error adding a payment method?

If there is an error adding your CC payment method ensure that the card details are valid and it has not expired. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact customer support at to check your card details. Please note that Loyalty app currently does not accept AMEX, Diners or Prepaid Debit cards. If you attempt to add or sign up with any of these card types you will receive an error message

Can I pre purchase points?

Yes unlike traditional Loyalty programs you can top up your account with points known as e-gift cards and save on potential banking transaction fees.

Can I pay any utility bill or my rent with Loyalty app points?

No, to pay a bill or your rent through Loyalty app with your points the business must have had signed up already as a business partner and provided you with their unique merchant biller code (just like a bpay code). When processing a bill through Loyalty app you will need to enter this code and your assigned unique reference code so that they know the points came from you.

Merchant’s Resources

Merchant Portal Tutorials

Click here to access merchant tutorials on the following:

  1. How to reset your password
  2. How to check your store balance
  3. How to send a push notification
  4. How to check Loyalty app fees
  5. How to edit your store on the app
  6. How to top up via credit card
  7. How to add products to your store
  8. How to deposit points via EFT (no fees apply)
  9. How to Withdraw Points


POS Intergration Tutorial

Loyalty app’s POS Software has the capability to integrate with a wide multitude of third part systems to ensure that you can manage and operate all aspects of your business seamlessly. Find out more about how to integrate with Loyalty app in the video below

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