Say Aloha to the Pokéritto!

Introducing Perth’s first Pokéritto! A lightly toasted burrito packed with traditional Hawaiian Poké, wholesome grains, fresh salad and every superfood under the sun!

Poké (pronounced “Poh-Kay”) is the native dish of Hawaii, consisting of seasoned Ahi (tuna), which is tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and scallions.

While the beautiful looking power meal has been popular with Hawaiian surfers since the 1970s, it’s only in recent years that health foodies across the globe have caught onto the trend (and boy are we glad they did!)

In April this year, Poké-obsessed couple Adam and Malinda decided to bring the tropical goodness to our Aussie shores. The pair fell in love with Poké at first bite and couldn’t wait to create the beautiful medley of flavours and textures themselves. They say what makes their Poké bowls and burritos stand out from the rest is their high quality, fresh ingredients. Each insta-worthy bowl is prepped with a lot of loving, free of heavy dressings; allowing each component to shine with pure, healthy flavour. You will be left feeling fit, fresh and ready to go for a surf or yoga session.

The only hard part is choosing what delish ingredients you will add to your generous sized meal! Choose between tuna or salmon marinated in their secret sauces or nutty sesame tofu (a winner for all the vegetarians and vegans out there.)

The add-ons are endless including avocado at no extra cost (yes, it’s a world first), edamame beans, flying fish roe, pomegranate, quail eggs and every seed or nut you can dream of.

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Aloha Poke  
50, Shop 4A, St Martins Centre, St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000