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100% Australian Hemp Seed


Hemp seed is one of the best plant-based natural medicines to calm dogs and cats from anxiety, and they won’t get high as it contains less than 0.00001% of CBD (Cannabidiol) and 0.000005% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).


Fatty acid, omega-3, 6 and 9 are all found in the amazing single plant, hemp. The ratio of omega-6 to 3 is at the perfect ratio of 1:3. They reduce inflammation reactions, help absorb vitamins, balance hormones, provide energy and improve brain and heart health.

Gamma-linoleic Acid (GLA) is an omega-6 fatty acid found in hemp. Some types of omega-6 are not considered beneficial as it can lead to chronic inflammation in dogs’ or cats’ bodies if they do not consume enough omega-3. However, GLA is an exception: it is an anti-inflammatory healthy fat, and it helps balance hormones and promote healthy skin and shiny coats.

Hemp seed is a rare 100% plant-based source of protein. It contains 9 out of 10 Essential Amino Acids for cats and dogs. From their bones to muscles, skin to organs, circulation systems, healthy blood flow, to their nervous systems, protein all takes an important part.


Please keep our products in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight.

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