Dehydrated Whole Sardine


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100% Australian Sustainable Wild Caught Sardines, Human-grade Pet Food

This product contains 100% sardine without any preservatives, additives or seasoning.


It’s hard to find a better treat with such high nutrients for cats and dogs.


Do you know that many pets are allergic to chicken and beef? As a result, fish is a much better choice with less saturated fat and higher protein content. Compared to salmon and tuna, sardines are smaller fish that contain less mercury.

Sardines also contain high amino acids, Omega-3, protein and other vitamins and minerals to help our fur babies maintain their optimal health.

The omega-3 fatty acids in sardines can restore shine and softness of their coats, as well as reduce skin inflammation. They help to improve kidney function and improve cognitive abilities for puppies and kittens. Moreover, regular sardine intake can help reduce risks of eye disease, treat arthritis, prevent hip dysplasia, lower risks from injuries and calm undesirable anxiety.

In addition, sardines provide CoQ10 and antioxidants to help promote dental health, reduce the chance of congestive heart failure, strengthen the immune system, enhance neurological development and boost liver detoxification.

Amino acids, as known as a type of protein, can not only promote healthy skin and coat, maintain strong muscles and bone tissues, but also benefits your fur babies’ digestive systems and help transport nutrients throughout their bodies.

Vitamin B-12 is essential for cats and dogs for the formation of red blood cells, maintaining healthy intestines and improving fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, selenium, calcium and phosphorus can strengthen their skeleton systems and fortify their teeth and bones throughout their lives.

If your fur babies love to swallow foods or have swallowing difficulties, we highly recommend you get the sardine powder instead.

Little extra tips from dog trainers: feed this excellent treat to your dog when you take them for a walk, as they could likely be more well-behaved and obedient when you have our sardines in hand!


Rest assured: our sardines are fully cooked during the dehydration process to prevent all risks of pathogens and parasites.

Please keep our products in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight.

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