What Is Omurice?

Move over ramen, a new Japanese food trend has hit Perth, and it’s positively egg-cellent! Omurice (pronounced omu-raisu) consists of Japanese fried rice, folded in a fresh, gooey omelette. Don’t be fooled, it may sound simple, but it takes a high level of skill to achieve the picture-perfect delicacy. Viral videos show professional chefs around the globe taking on the challenge to produce an eggy and cheesy interior that oozes over flavoursome fried rice.

Konichiwa Ramen N Kare in is the only place in Perth known to serve the yoghoku dish (meaning Western-influenced Japanese cuisine). Previously located in Northbridge, the team are now serving up their delish Japanese fusion in the heart of Victoria Park.

Omurice is believed to have originated in South Japan in the 1920s when a young chef decided to spice up a regular customer’s order of plain rice and egg. Adding mushrooms, onions and special sauce to the rice and folding it in a cheesy omelette, the customer was delighted when he tried it. When asked what the dish was called, the chef coined the name Omnurice, derived from its two core ingredients, egg and rice.

The dish has evolved since the 1920s, and Konichiwa’s version is accompanied by a creamy Japanese Katsu yellow curry sauce, fresh vegetables, potato wedges and your choice of crispy pork, chicken, prawn, beef or fried fish. The dish clearly has a Western influence, but owner and partner David insists it’s now a favourite way of enjoying the meal in Japan. Chef Jacqui uses a unique square pan to fold in cheese and condiments, creating a moreish parcel, bursting with flavour. Refusing to use MSG or anything artificial, every broth and sauce is created from scratch.

The team regularly return to Japan to scope out the latest food trends and believe the recent popularity of Japanese food in Perth is due to its quick and healthy nature. Konichiwa Ramen N Kare is BYO so whether you enjoy Japanese tapas and drinks with friends or a feast of mains, you are guaranteed to leave satisfied.

While you’re there be sure to try their other favourite dishes; Chasu ramen, seaweed cheese pork floss tamagoyaki and chicken wing dumplings (yes, a dumpling inside fried chicken wing exists!) Plus they offer vegetarian and vegan Ramen, filled with Odon and vegetables.

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Konichiwa Ramen N Kare
Address: 1/337 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, Perth, WA 6100

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