Tech Design Award

Loyalty app Hits The Big Leagues & Wins Silver

Loyalty app has only just begun to tap into its extraordinary potential as a mobile payments and rewards program, and already it’s receiving recognition among other reputable, well-established brands for its innovative technological solutions WA’s mobile rewards program with points as good as cash™ has been named a Silver Award winner at the Driven x Design 2017 Tech Design Awards in the RetailTech and FinTech categories.

Given consumer frustration in regards to existing loyalty programs on the market, Founder of Loyalty app Ronnie Elhaj identified the opportunity to create a free, transparent loyalty program where users could easily earn loyalty points, with a clear understanding of the value of these points and how these points can be utilised.

Unlike traditional loyalty programs that are specific to one business, Loyalty app has the capacity to support an unlimited number of partners, allowing it to become one overarching program. It has initially targeted big ticket items and household expenses that are often neglected by typical loyalty programs, including rental payments, cars and products within the home vertical, however, it is continually looking to broaden its reach to embrace other industries and merchants as the app grows.

Loyalty app also has the added benefit of social integration, with a referral rewards system that allows users to earn additional loyalty points by referring others to use Loyalty app at a particular merchant. This benefits both the user and the merchant by enhancing customer relationships and digital word of mouth.

As a result of this competitive market offering and novel functionality, Loyalty app was acknowledged in the RetailTech category for its ability to enrich the customer experience and increase customer engagement during the transaction process.

Loyalty app offers its partners the opportunity to join forces with other independent businesses in a loyalty coalition program that assists them to retain customers and gain new ones, taking away the need for businesses to spend precious time and money developing a program of their own.

Furthermore, the app allows users to instantaneously transact at a point of sale fee free using loyalty points, therefore removing the need for costly EFTPOS systems and transaction fees.

As Loyalty app is built on the foundation of disrupting existing payment processes and offering a new, more effective way for consumers to transact, it’s hardly surprising that the program was recognised in the FinTech category.

Loyalty app was recognised among other high profile brands including Coles, Dimble, WalletHub and Tyro payments. The awards regularly attract strong competition with previous winners including Paypal, Optus and Commonwealth Bank.

Driven x Design adheres to a strict merit based judging process, using a combination of an advisory panel of more than 200 global experts as well as ratings provided by its community members to select its award winners.

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