Five Must-Do’s This Winter

Tired of spending Winter chewing through Netflix and living in your dressing gown? Loyalty App is here to help! Ditch the doona and grab your onesie, your friends and your favourite bottle of wine and start earning free rewards while having fun.

  1. Onesie roller-skating

Two of our favourite winter pass times are joining forces on Friday 13 July.  Onesies are fun to lounge in but even better on the rink so grab your friends and get ready to skate in comfort. Plus you will have extra cushioning for any possible tumbles. Bonus! Get all the details here.

  1. Make mulled wine

Grab your favourite red, all the festive spices you can find and your friends for the ultimate winter treat. Mulled wine is basically Christmas in a cup and we have found a super easy recipe here. (link.)

  1. Escape a laser maze

Why sit inside and watch spy movies when you can create your own? Duck, squeeze and shimmy through as many laser obstacles as you can at Confined Laser Maze. It’s an activity for all ages.

Plus earn 3 reward points  for every dollar spent!

  1. Treat yourself to a cookies and cream hot chocolate

Pop into Six Willows to try one of their specialty hot chocolates like salted caramel, turmeric and matcha! Make sure you use your keep cup to get 10% off and work towards a plastic free future.

Plus earn 3 reward points  for every dollar spent! View offer here


  1. Girls School Cinema

Brought to you by Fringe World and Rooftop movies, the cinema is housed in the heritage Old Perth Girls School building that sits at the highest point of East Perth. With a stellar line up of new favourites and old classics, there is a flick for every taste.


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