Final Fever: The Holy Trinity of Game Day Essentials

 It has all led to this moment; sleepless nights, YouTube highlights, countless Ronaldo memes and your supermarkets supply of Red Bull.

The FIFA World Cup Grand Final must be celebrated with your mates in style. Luckily for you, we have sussed out the trinity of must-haves to ensure the sacred day is a success.

Thou must have

1.Holy guacamole

Create the field of your dreams with sour cream, pretzels and high quality avocados from Willetton IGA. You will be scoring goals in everyone’s books. 

2. Seriously good surround sound

Find yourself sitting inches away from the screen to try and hear the commentary over your rowdy mates? Bose is the boss of everything audio and is guaranteed to deliver the clear volume you need to feel like you’re on the field! Grab the Bose Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system from West Coast Hifi before the big day and they will throw in $900 of extras so you will come out a winner no matter what team takes home the title. Plus earn reward points* at any West Coast Hifi store. 

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3. Drinks that won’t be beaten

It’s only appropriate to watch the game with a traditional Russian cocktail (well, kind of traditional.) The White Russian actually originated from Belgium but takes its name because vodka is the primary ingredient. Head to Mounts Bay Liquor for the finest vodka and coffee liqueur and grab those maraschino cherries. Pour your five parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur over ice, add milk or cream and a cherry. If you like it strong be a bit more generous with the spirits and leave out the dairy to create a black Russian. It’s quick and easy, meaning you don’t have to miss any of the game.

Tip: To give your drinks an extra touch, try these printables!

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