Durian Strudel Fit For A King

The durian is the King of the fruit kingdom, so it’s no surprise King Pizza & Strudel in Bayswater is serving up a durian strudel fit for royalty.

The light and flaky homemade pastry are filled with a generous portion of fresh fruit, freshly whipped cream and French custard. Choosing only the best ingredients, pastry chef Tony Pham, uses the extra flavoursome Musang King Durian, the most sought after, desirable and expensive variety.

While the fruit is renowned for its unique flavour, that doesn’t stop his customers from indulging, “of course it’s worth it, you just need to eat it!”

Pham began his pastry adventure four years ago when his girlfriend and now co-worker Jessica Nguyen gave him his first apple strudel. “It changed my life,” he says.

Months later he was hired as a pastry chef, “it was my destiny, sometimes you just get lucky.”

After two years of practising with a close friend and refining his skill, he began to make his own dough. “That’s when I created my secret recipe. I could tell it to you, but then I would have to kill you,” he laughs.

Perth can’t get enough of the strudels and Pham sold over one hundred on Mother’s Day alone. “I didn’t sleep for three days, I was just buzzing,” he says. “It’s so exciting when people love your product just as much as you do.”

There are plenty of other delicious fruits to choose from including mango and apple. As the demand continues to increase there’s the possibility of blueberry, chocolate and matcha flavours being added to the menu.

Surprisingly, the strudel isn’t overly sugary, with most of the sweetness deriving naturally from fruit. That means you can eat oodles more strudel without the sickly sweet food coma (bonus!) But remember to follow the chefs lead.

“Sharing is caring, I love to give back to my customers, ” he says.

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