Auto Masters cruises into partnership with Loyalty app

Loyalty app has already established a strong and devoted coalition of reward partners across a wide range of lifestyle fields, and it continues to surge upward and onward with the boarding of yet more businesses aiming to integrate with and reward their valued customers.

WA’s mobile rewards program with points as good as cash™, which allows its members the freedom to earn reward points* at one retailer and spend them at another, is set to become even stronger with the recent boarding of automotive service and repairs giant, Auto Masters.

This massive addition greatly bolsters Loyalty app’s standing within the automotive industry, as Auto Masters enters as the app’s largest partner in terms of franchise outlets. This, in conjunction with some of the other automotive partners already aligned with Loyalty app ensures users of the app have a substantial selection to choose from when it comes to car matters.

Auto Masters had been searching for a way to acquire customers through a coalition program that was easy to use and rewarded customers for their loyalty. Carl Meyers, Marketing Manager of Auto Masters Australia, says Loyalty app ticked all the boxes.

“Loyalty App provides Auto Masters an innovative, user-friendly program to reward our customers and other customers who are out there supporting WA businesses.  All 44 Auto Masters branches across WA were excited to be part of a rewards program designed for daily usage”, said Carl.

“We are excited that our customers can be rewarded for supporting us and other local WA businesses.”

Ronnie Michel-Elhaj, founder of Loyalty app, expressed deep enthusiasm, re-emphasising the unique features of his program and how it can be applied to almost every aspect of daily life.

“Loyalty app provides a unique opportunity for our members to earn rewards on everyday transactions that normally aren’t covered by traditional reward programs. These are expenses such as rent, furniture and now also car maintenance. The addition of Auto Masters to the Loyalty app family is a great leap forward.”

Where Loyalty app really excels is in its capacity to take on as many partners and members as possible, which allows for exponential benefits between both merchants and members. As it stands, it has over 15,000 members and over 170 merchants, and these numbers are continually rising.

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