We all want simplicity when shopping, and we all want to be rewarded for those purchases.


And that’s precisely why Loyalty app was invented – to help you shop and get rewarded for your everyday spending.

2017 Tech Design Awards Silver Winner

The story behind Western Australia’s only universal loyalty program

Founded by Ronnie Elhaj in 2014, the West Australian entrepreneur identified the need for a free, transparent rewards program in which members could pay with, earn and share their reward points* where they wanted to – across the one universal program which has hundreds of merchants to choose from. Furthermore, we saw the need to eliminate hefty and often hidden transaction fees that are relentlessly charged by credit card providers.


Additionally, with the recently changed legislation whereby merchants must now disclose all fees that they’re charging on transactions, Loyalty app set about to drastically reduce them once and for all. Harmoniously accommodating both the customer and small businesses with our award winning, world-class technology. Win! Win!


Now an iconic West Australian rewards program, Loyalty app is the only one that offers users the ability to earn reward points* on expenses like house purchases, rental payments, car purchases and servicing, white goods, home improvements, plus so many more big-ticket purchases where payments would typically become “dead money”.


Gone are the days of hundreds of plastic cards and an app for each corresponding merchant, now with Loyalty app, the community is connected with the one simple and transparent universal program.