7 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Science tells us that our home environment has a dramatic effect on our mood and general wellbeing. Studies show that people with clean homes; eat healthier, are more active, less stressed, sleep better at night and are mentally healthier.(Source)

Spring is the best season to open up those windows, put on your favourite cleaning playlist and get those happy hormones kicking while creating harmony and balance in your home.

We have seven cleaning hacks to have your home spick and span in no time:

1. Vodka cures your tub

There’s nothing like taking a luxuriously long shower, only to notice a science experiment growing in your shower or bathtub. Gross! Well, it turns out that having a sneaky alcoholic beverage in the shower is useful for two purposes. Use vodka to spray the affected mouldy areas and let it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing it away easily.

2. Banish pet hair

Love your pet but hate finding their hair everywhere? It is easier to remove than you think. Put on your handy dishwashing glove (make sure it’s dry and dirt-free first) and rub it as quickly as you can against the couch or bed where the hair lies. The built-up electrical charge means the hair will stick to the glove, no lint-roller needed. Don’t you love science?

3. Cleaner carpets

Sick of vacuuming over and over the same spot and not getting the clean results you want? Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming and ta-da! Clean in no time.

4. Breath of fresh air

No matter how much you clean, sometimes the stink stays in the room long after the dirt is gone. The last thing you want is spaces smelling like chemicals so use all natural beeswax candles to eliminate odours.

5. Scrub up a storm

Have you ever thought about the fact that we don’t regularly clean the appliances that clean everything? To ensure your dishes remain squeaky clean and aren’t being washed in a dirty dishwasher, empty your dishwasher, place a container filled with white vinegar in the top rack and put it on the hottest cycle. Afterwards, sprinkle baking soda along the floor of the dishwasher, and rerun it on a short-hot cycle. Say hello to glistening dishes all year long!

6. Clean your washing machine

The above philosophy also applies to your washing machine. Fill the machine using the highest load size, hottest water setting, and longest wash setting. Open the lid and add a litre of white vinegar, followed by a cup of baking soda. Close the lid and allow everything to mix for an hour. Soak and scrub removable parts like the bleach and fabric softener wells and use an old toothbrush (not your partners) to clean all the hard-to-reach areas. Once it’s done and drained, wipe down the sides and bottom of the machine with vinegar solution to remove any last residue, and you’re all done!

Fun fact: Prolong the cleanliness of a washing machine by leaving the lid open between uses to allow the interior to dry out thoroughly and stop mould.

7. Chat with the experts

Sometimes our homes need more than the good old dustpan and brush.  Breathe new life into a cluttered space with some fresh furniture and decorations. Before you go on a splurging spree, get one of the At Home interior designers to take a look at your space. It will save you time and money, and the best part is the consultation gets ducted when you shop At Home.

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