6 travel trends ready to take flight this year

Got the travel bug? Time for a well-deserved holiday? They say travel broadens the mind and we tend to agree. There are many travel trends that come and go year in year out and others that hang around a little longer. It seems everyone is so focused on the next gram-worthy spot, the most popular A-list locations, and the places their favourite influencers frequent, that the art of true travelling is changing.

Some of the trends that appear on the horizon this year may forever change the way we travel while others may not make it out of 2019. A lot has to do with the factors that create these trends. Continued technological advancements, the mindset of the younger generation and of course the prowess of social media are all key contributors to the rise and fall of travel fads this year.

So what crazes are you likely to see as you’re jet-setting around the world this year? Take a look at what’s taking over the travel world;

The Appren-trip
Or a travelling apprenticeship, although appren-trip sounds much cooler. Younger generations are questioning the importance of an expensive university degree and instead favouring learning from a cultural exchange. How good! Activities like volunteering in a less fortunate region or an international work placement provides priceless hands on experience.

Nowadays, people want to achieve something more from their trip and come home with memories, knowledge and new skills. Travelling is becoming more purposeful, less self-centred and more about how you can do something good for someone else or learn more about another culture. Look for positive take-a-aways from your trips in 2019 and learn while you travel.

Sustainability reigns supreme
The health of the environment is constantly on people’s minds, now more than ever, and the younger generation is leading the charge on the sustainable travel movement. You go millennials! Often called ecotourism, (we like that name) it’s all about supporting conservation efforts in threatened areas.

New age travellers are factoring in the impact of a trip on the environment and making their choices based on sustainable experiences and the damage to the environment. Accommodation providers are realising the importance of reducing their plastic usage and other damaging factors as increased sustainability starts attracting modern travellers. All of this of course is great news! We’ll have nowhere to travel if we don’t look after our wonderful planet.

It’s about the experience
You can’t put a price on memories! Travellers are upping their search for authentic experiences and new adventures instead of sightseeing. It’s become about doing rather than seeing; creating lasting memories and one-off adventures that break away from the mainstream. Exclusivity in an experience is a selling point. Travellers want to do stuff that other people haven’t done. More people will be putting themselves in exciting situations, living in the moment and creating unique experiences.

Short and sweet
We expect to see a rise in shorter, jammed packed travels including cheeky weekends away and bite-sized trips. Further technology developments in transport will make it easier for tailored travelling and make smaller trips more exciting. We’re likely to see increased spontaneity in travelling including spur of the moment vacations that are shorter yet more personal and rewarding. Unique getaways and exclusive accommodation ideas will see people spending fewer nights in places simply for the experience and just to say ‘I’ve been there.’

The digital detox
Although the trend seems to be travellers are increasingly using social media as a tool to choose their travel plans, many are looking the opposite way with the need to get away from it all. An off-the-grid style detox to clear yourself from a busy lifestyle will likely gain popularity this year as the pressures of modern life make a digital detox ever more appealing.  

The unexplored lands
People aren’t that excited anymore to be just another tourist. They want to be a traveller exploring untouched lands and go to places barely anyone has been. Many are keen to visit lesser known places not tainted by the busy tourist market. A growing number are enticed by the ‘instagramability’ of a place and the exclusivity it provides. Remote, less seen places are going to get their time in the spotlight.

Last year was a good year for travel trends and 2019 looks like it’s going to continue to be exciting. Before you embark on your travels, join Loyalty app and receive exclusive member deals on heaps of WA brands! Earn Loyalty app dollars on every purchase and spend them how you want!