50 things to do in Perth

If you live in Perth, then you can’t call yourself a proper Perthie if you haven’t done at least some of these things. If you’re just visiting our lovely West Coast, try and cram in as many of these as you can!

Here’s our exciting list of must do things in Perth:

  1. A West Coast Highway ‘coastie.’ Bike it, drive it, walk it, whatever, but this pristine strip along the coast must be enjoyed by everyone on this side of Australia.
  2. Get a ‘Toastie’ from Toastface Grillah. Seriously, they’re silly good!
  3. A Kings Park The city’s own garden is the perfect place to lay out and enjoy the view.
  4. Visit Rotto. The lil’ island off our coast is beautiful. Head over and join the long list of celebs posting their own #quokkaselfie
  5. Coffee on the coast at Yelo. Tucked away in Trigg this lovely café is in the prime ocean watching position. Big yes!
  6. Catch a flick under the stars. Watch a movie at one of the many outdoor cinemas with the cosmos for company.
  7. Markets markets markets. Freo, Malaga, night, twilight, sunset, food, farmers, art, you name it, there are markets for everyone!
  8. Find the places that give you FREE food on your birthday!
  9. Road trip ‘douth.’ ‘Douth’ = down + south, for those who don’t know the lingo. Honestly the south is aaamazing.
  10. Tackle Jacob’s Ladder in the city and film yourself doing it, otherwise did you really do it.
  11. Watch the sunset over the ocean. It’s absolutely stunning and it happens every day; we’re so spoilt.
  12. In fact, watch the sunrise over the city as well. We reckon Kings Park is the best spot.
  13. Pub crawl in Northbridge. Gather your group, pick your pubs and down your drinks, it’s going to be a big one.
  14. And after the beer’s been drunk, grab a slice of heaven from Mack Daddy’s Pizza in Mt Lawley! The biggest, baddest pizzas in town, New York style.
  15. Check out Cottesloe. Locals know, tourists should know. This wonderful hotspot provides white sands, sunny beaches and great cafes and restaurants.
  16. A day at the Zoo. Get amongst the excitement at Perth Zoo and say hi to animals from all over the world.
  17. Caversham Wildlife Park. Like the zoo but more Kangaroos, Koalas and native Aussie animals.
  18. See the stunning Swan Valley. Sip wine, soak up the serenity, and spend a sweet day in the sun… Beauuutiful!
  19. While you’re in the Swan Valley… Did someone say wine tour!!
  20. Meet the meat experts. Stuff your face with the finest smoked meats and slow cooked specialties at The Yellow Bourbon.
  21. Experience Elizabeth Quay. Brilliant modern architecture, attractions, and food and drink. We didn’t spend all that money for nothing!
  22. Catch a game at Optus Stadium. The stadium is simply spectacular, trust us.
  23. Lil’ bit of livin’ it up? A day of excitement, thrills, and action awaits at Adventure World.
  24. Head back in time with a tour of Freo Prison. If you’re feeling up to a fright, then the torchlight tour will put the terror in you.
  25. Stargazing at the Gravity Discovery Centre. Look up into the sky without the distracting city lights and you’ll see some wonders.
  26. Lace up those rollerblades and go for a skate at Rolloways Leisure Centre.
  27. Go strawberry picking; then snapchat it so your friends know you’re into the farm fresh fruit.
  28. Get silly with a Sunday sesh at the Lookout in Scarborough. Who needs work on a Monday anyway.
  29. Swan River From the city centre to Freo, cruise our wonderful waterway in style.
  30. Get down the cave systems in Yanchep. It’s not scary, we promise.
  31. Snorkelling at Mettams Pool. Oh boy, this lovely spot in North Beach is great for exploring the underwater world.
  32. Go for a cheeky gamble at Crown Casino and chuck it all on red. Actually, maybe play it safe!
  33. A game of pool at Pot Black North Perth. Challenge a mate, or enjoy some family-fun, just don’t pot the black until the end.
  34. Go to the Glory. Get amongst the fans at HBF Park and support our local soccer team Perth Glory.
  35. Snap a new pic for the ‘gram at one of the many ‘instagrammable’ spots in Perth!
  36. Test your knowledge at a quiz night. You’ve got loads of places to choose from.
  37. Holey Moley. Yes it’s a place, and it’s where you can test your golf game with a drink in hand. We guarantee you’ve never seen a wacky putt course like this before.
  38. Sooth your sweet tooth with a strudel from King pizza and Strudel House. Yum!
  39. Catch an exhibition at the Art Gallery WA.
  40. Grab a Bunnings snag. Seriously, it’s like tradition or something.
  41. Geek out at Scitech. They’ve got new exhibitions all the time to tame your inner nerd.
  42. Watch gold getting poured at the Perth Mint. It’s pretty cool.
  43. Have an outdoor BBQ. Honestly, is there anything more Aussie?
  44. How about a hot air balloon ride over the Avon Valley? If you’re not scared of heights.
  45. Laugh the night away at a comedy club. It’s funny how many you’ve got to choose from.
  46. Jump out of an aeroplane… With a parachute of course. Sky dive in Jurien Bay and tick that one off the bucket list.
  47. Peep the Pinnacles. Two and a half hours north of Perth lies these limestone pillars, like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.
  48. See Serpentine Falls. A stunning little waterfall and swimming spot only an hour south and slightly inland from Perth.
  49. Hang out at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. Food, drinks, a jetty, a beach, and an overall great vibe awaits.
  50. Strike Bowling at Carousel. Not just bowling though, there’s also escape rooms, karaoke and laser tag to stimulate your senses.


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