5 cocktails to enjoy the refreshing taste of summer

Summer is now in full swing and we’re loving the Perth heat. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some outdoor activities or soak up the sun at home. Do you know what goes perfectly with a long sunny day lounging by the pool? A real refreshing cocktail that’s what! We’ve put together some of our favourite drinks to keep you cool over the warmer months.

Here’s your chance to beat the heat, refresh your palate and wet your whistle with these tasty cocktails.

Watermelon Mojito

A guaranteed refresher on a hot day with the sweet watermelon flavours nicely complimented by rum and mint; a fruity twist on a classic.

Serves 2

Glass: Tall glass
2½ cups pureed watermelon
8 fresh mint leaves torn up
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 tbsp sugar
60ml light rum

Mix torn mint leaves, lime juice and sugar into glass.
Add ice cubes and pour in pureed watermelon and rum.
Stir and garnish with mint sprigs and slices of lime.

Citrus Mint Sangria

The ever-popular summer staple sangria gets a lift with the refreshing combination of lemons, limes, fresh mint and dry white wine.

Serves 4

Glass: Margarita or rocks
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp water
12 fresh mint leaves
2 sliced lemons
2 sliced limes
750ml bottle of dry white wine

Mix sugar and water and put in microwave until dissolved.
Add 1 tbsp to each wine glass.
Add 3 mint leaves to each glass and mix.
Add a few slices of lemon and lime to each glass.
Top up with wine.

Pink Lemonade Martini

Shaken not stirred. A twist on the James Bond classic. Made with vodka, this drink features a nice citrusy flavour that packs a punch.

Serves 1

Glass: Martini glass
45ml oz cranberry juice
30ml Limoncello
30ml lemon flavoured vodka
30ml lemonade
15ml oz lime cordial

Mix cranberry juice, limoncello, lemon-flavored vodka, lemonade and lime cordial in a cocktail shaker.
Add a large handful of ice and shake vigorously.
Pour into a martini glass.

Lemon Ginger Beer Shandy

Beer and lemonade? Sounds good to us. If you want something a little different than just beer, add in some ginger ale and lemonade and you’ve got yourself a shandy!

Serves 2

Glass: Beer glass
½ cup lager beer
½ cup ginger ale
¼ cup lemonade
Thinly sliced lemon

Mix beer, ginger ale and lemonade in two glasses.
Fill the glasses with ice, add lemon slices.

Strawberry Margarita

A bright and easy take on the Margarita. Sweet and refreshing, this one’s a beauty for a warm summer day.

Serves 3

Glass: Margarita glass
2 cups ice
12 fresh, hulled strawberries
½ cup tequila
45ml Triple Sec
30ml lime cordial
1 tbsp sugar

Wet rim of the margarita glass with lime and dip glass in sugar to coat rim.
Crush ice in blender.
Add strawberries, tequila, triple sec, lime cordial and sugar.
Blend until smooth.
Pour into prepared glass and add strawberries garnish.

Try these delicious drink recipes this summer and enjoy the warm sun with a refreshing beverage in hand. Want some great food to go with these crazy cocktails? Be sure to visit one of our amazing food friends and treat yourself to some tidy tucker!

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