10 Reasons to join Loyalty app

As proud partners with hundreds of WA’s best brands, the rewards you get from joining Loyalty app are endless. Build your collection of points every time you make a purchase at any one of our many merchants all around Perth.

Here are a few reasons to get amongst West Australia’s first universal loyalty program and start earning those points straight away;

1)         Partners with hundreds of WA’s best stores
With so many merchants, you’re spoilt for choice as to where to earn and spend your reward points. Earn points at one place, then spend them at another. As a universal rewards program, there’s no restriction on where you use your points.


2)         Convenient cashless payments
There’s no need to worry about carrying around bills with our cashless payment system. We’ve embraced the future of a cashless society to make each one of your transactions easier. Who still uses cash these days anyway? *Insert wink emoji*


3)         Choose from merchants in a variety of industries
Our merchants span many different industries. Whether you’re looking for car repairs, home improvement solutions, restaurants or cafes, our partnership with merchants from all different industry sectors means you’re never far from one of our friends.


4)         Earn points on big items
Think a house or a car! Yep, not many other universal loyalty programs provide reward points on big-ticket items. We’re all about big deals and big rewards.


5)         Support local Australian companies
As proud West Aussies ourselves, we take pride in looking out for the locals! That’s why all our partners are local businesses. Whenever you shop at a Loyalty app merchant you’re supporting our beautiful West Australian community.


6)         Earn points on every dollar
You heard that right, every dollar! For every purchase, you make at a Loyalty app merchant you earn reward points based on the dollar amount.


7)         Your points don’t expire
Once you’ve earnt reward points they are there forever. They have no use by date. You can choose to spend them any time you want. Treat yourself straight away or take all the time you need, they won’t be going anywhere.

8)         Your points can be shared among friends
You can gift your points to another Loyalty app member for them to use as they wish. Maybe it’s time to get a bit closer with your foodie mate and sneak a couple of points off them. Sharing’s caring, right?


9)         Put in the good word and earn even more points
We love people who give us a shout out. Refer your mates, your family, or your mate’s family and we’ll give you even more points for the good deed!


10)       It’s free to download
Who doesn’t love free stuff? There’s no sign-up fee, no extra charge. It’s an easy, quick and free download so you’ve got more time than us to search for funny memes.


Our easy to use smartphone app keeps all your data, information and your rewards points in one convenient place. Access your account at the touch of a button, or… touchscreen.

Download Loyalty app today from the App Store or Google Play and start earning and using your reward points at WA’s best brands.